Building Machine Learning Algorithms on Apache Spark

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There are lots of reasons why you might want to implement your own machine learning algorithms on Spark: you might want to experiment with a new idea, try and reproduce results from a recent research paper, or simply to use an existing technique that isn’t implemented in MLlib. In this talk, we’ll walk through the process of developing a new machine learning model for Spark. We’ll start with the basics, by considering how we’d design a parallel implementation of a particular unsupervised learning technique. The bulk of the talk will focus on the details you need to know to turn an algorithm design into an efficient parallel implementation on Spark: we’ll start by reviewing a simple RDD-based implementation, show some improvements, point out some pitfalls to avoid, and iteratively extend our implementation to support contemporary Spark features like ML Pipelines and structured query processing. You’ll leave this talk with everything you need to build a new machine learning technique that runs on Spark.

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About William Benton

William Benton is passionate about making it easier for machine learning practitioners to benefit from advanced infrastructure and making it possible for organizations to manage machine learning systems. His recent roles have included defining product strategy and professional services offerings related to data science and machine learning, leading teams of data scientists and engineers, and contributing to many open source communities related to data, ML, and distributed systems. Will was an early advocate of building machine learning systems on Kubernetes and developed and popularized the “intelligent applications” idiom for machine learning systems in the cloud. He has also conducted research and development related to static program analysis, language runtimes, cluster configuration management, and music technology.