Deep Dive into Monitoring Spark Applications (Using Web UI and SparkListeners)

During the presentation you will learn about the architecture of Spark’s web UI and the different SparkListeners that sit behind it to support its operation. You will learn what information about Spark applications the Spark UI presents and how to read them to understand performance of your Spark applications. This talk will demo sample Spark snippets (using spark-shell) to showcase the hidden gems of Spark UI like queues in FAIR scheduling mode, SQL queries or Streaming jobs.

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About Jacek Laskowski

Jacek is an independent consultant who offers development and training services for Apache Spark (and Scala, sbt with a bit of Hadoop YARN, Apache Kafka, Apache Hive, Apache Mesos, Akka Actors/Stream/HTTP, and Docker). He leads Warsaw Scala Enthusiasts and Warsaw Spark meetups. The latest project is to get in-depth understanding of Apache Spark in