How Apache Spark Changed the Way We Hire People

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As big data technology matures, you’d think there would be more talent available to hire. Although the number of people interested and engaged in the big data world has dramatically increased, job demand is far ahead.

Companies like Google or Facebook have access to the best talent — thousands of engineers with PhDs from the best schools, which is why they are able to innovate. How can a company close the skills gap while innovating and creating product advantage?

This talk highlights how the right technology can allow you to compete without having an army of PhDs at your disposal. At iPass, we’ve created an environment where our engineers can be empowered to create value without getting bogged down by big data and Ops challenges. As a result, we have been able to more easily recruit internal engineers to our big data team, leveraging their current expertise, while bringing them up to speed on big data projects much faster. Join this talk to learn how you can do the same for your organization.

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About Tomasz Magdanski

Tomasz is a seasoned technology leader specializing in real world implementations of Big Data, Real-Time applications and Machine Learning technologies. He has deployed and managed production applications processing billions or transactions and servicing millions of customers. Tomasz uses cutting edge features to enable companies to gain technical advantage by using Spark Structured Streaming, Delta Lake, Spark on Databricks and MLFlow.