The Evolution of the Fashion Retail Industry in the Age of AI

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AI is fundamentally transforming how we live and work.

Zalando is a data driven company. We deliver an optimal customer experience that drives engagement. We continue to improve this experience by leveraging the latest technologies and machine learning techniques — such as building a cutting edge cloud based infrastructure to support our operations at scale.

We provide our data scientists across Zalando with the means to implement artificial intelligence use cases, leveraging data from all parts of our company and the best machine learning techniques from across the industry. Apache Spark delivered through Databricks is at the core of this strategy.

In this keynote, I’ll share our AI journey thus far, and share how we are exploring ways to unify data through A.I. with Spark and Databricks.

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About Kshitij Kumar

Kshitij is Vice President for Data, Machine Learning and AI at Zalando where he defines the future of data driven retail from infrastructure to supply chain, marketing and the online retail chain, focused on making an impact with data and machine learning. He provides leadership for a range of data topics, from Blockchain to machine learning, data science and data governance. An expat from Silicon Valley, Kshitij has been an innovation, delivery and operations leader in public and startup companies for over 20 years. He is a hands on technologist who has also worked as a VP in sales, business development, and marketing, and as a Founder in multiple startups.