Using Spark and Shark to Power a Real-time Recommendation and Customer Intelligence Platform

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The talk will cover how Graphflow uses Spark to power its real-time recommendation and customer intelligence platform.

We will cover how we use Spark and MLlib to process and analyze customer behavior data for recommendation and predictive analytics models. We will also give an overview of using Spark and Shark to power data aggregation and analytics for customer insights and front-end data visualization apps.

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About Nick Pentreath

Nick Pentreath is a principal engineer in IBM's Center for Open-source Data & AI Technology (CODAIT), where he works on machine learning. Previously, he cofounded Graphflow, a machine learning startup focused on recommendations. He has also worked at Goldman Sachs, Cognitive Match, and Mxit. He is a committer and PMC member of the Apache Spark project and author of "Machine Learning with Spark". Nick is passionate about combining commercial focus with machine learning and cutting-edge technology to build intelligent systems that learn from data to add business value.
Nick has presented at over 30 conferences, webinars, meetups and other events around the world including many previous Spark Summits.