Cosmos DB Real-time Advanced Analytics Workshop-continues

The workshop implements an innovative fraud detection solution as a PoC for a bank who provides payment processing services for commerce to their merchant customers all across the globe, helping them save costs by applying machine learning and advanced analytics to detect fraudulent transactions. Since their customers are around the world, the right solutions should minimize any latencies experienced using their service by distributing as much of the solution as possible, as closely as possible, to the regions in which their customers use the service.

The workshop designs a data pipeline solution that leverages Cosmos DB for both the scalable ingest of streaming data, and the globally distributed serving of both pre-scored data and machine learning models. Cosmos DB’s major advantage when operating at a global scale is its high concurrency with low latency and predictable results. This combination is unique to Cosmos DB and ideal for the bank needs. The solution leverages the Cosmos DB change data feed in concert with the Azure Databricks Delta and Spark capabilities to enable a modern data warehouse solution that can be used to create risk reduction solutions for scoring transactions for fraud in an offline, batch approach and in a near real-time, request/response approach. Takeaway: How to leverage Azure Cosmos DB + Azure Databricks along with Spark ML for building innovative advanced analytics pipelines.


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