How Data is Transforming the Dutch Media Industry

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RTL Netherlands exists for 30 years in 2019. Video has been our core business. AI gives us the opportunity to deeply understand what our consumers love. On our Spark platform in AWS we apply several AI and ML methods to extract and analyze features.

A selection of our content intelligence pipelines:
* Object and person detection in videos.
* Multi-modal emotion detection.
* Speaker identification.
* Script and subtitle keyword extraction.
* Among others

All of these features are used for different data science products: new show and episode creation, talkshow subject selection, interpret viewing ratings among others. Our future goal is to personalize TV on our video-on-demand platform. Not only recommend other series that you like, but also to create personalized talkshows and soap opera’s with the subjects, storylines, guests and characters that you like. Video is this our basis, but digitally the opportunities are much more diverse. With this talk I want to inspire and share knowledge.

Visiting the Spark Summit 2018, I learned a lot. Some talks even helped to further build this content intelligence project. It would be amazing to give back to the Spark community. Especially when they visit my hometown of Amsterdam. I want to surprise the attendees with the story of this unknown Dutch TV channel, that is taking a leading role on content intelligence in the Netherlands and Europe. It will be an open, inspiring talk with technical details on the pipelines and technology that we used. Accompanied with the end use cases. Including drawbacks and challenges we faced. Not a talk about ambitions, but concrete results of the next level of TV innovation. RTL NL was the first broadcaster of Big Brother and The Voice. And I’m confident that the next break-out hit will be Spark driven.


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About Maurits van der Goes

RTL Netherlands

I'm a data engineer & scientist at RTL and student at TU Delft. I create data-driven solutions with Airflow, AWS, Java, Jupyter, Kafka, Neo4j, Python, Scala & Spark (Streaming). Like recommended articles on and the team formation recommender system of Part-up. Next to writing code I was responsible for the lectures of former Minister Jan Kees de Jager. Also, I was selected for Learning from Silicon Valley, structured my data skills in the Utrecht Dataschool and campaigned for Obama with the BKB Academie 13.