Industrializing Machine Learning on an Enterprise Azure Platform with Databricks: Experiences and Feedbacks

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Sodexo as the world leader of services, we believe that quality of life is created when we integrate our Food services, Facilities management, employee benefits and more… Our ambition is to positively impact one billion consumers worldwide. Sodexo has launched a POC for food services that is satisfying our business, but how do we come from a local pure Python Jupyter notebook to a product that can be scalable to cover all our consumers? To do so we have not only used DataBricks but we have made it interacting with many Azure services: Data Factory, Log Analytics, DevOps, CosmosDB, Kubernetes, Data Lake and Key Vault. This talk deal about what are those services, how we use Databricks, how it’s interacting with those services, and what are our feedbacks and experiences.


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About Yannick Radji


With an Engineering degree and a machine learning degree, Yannick has worked as Data Scientist within the industry field with large corporations. He has helped to build a cloud analytics platform with a software editor. Finally as a technical leader with a team of Data Engineers & DevOps, we are industrialising several Proof Of Concept’s within Sodexo's IT.