Koalas: Pandas on Apache Spark (continued)

In this tutorial we will present Koalas, a new open source project that we announced at the Spark + AI Summit in April. Koalas is an open-source Python package that implements the pandas API on top of Apache Spark, to make the pandas API scalable to big data. Using Koalas, data scientists can make the transition from a single machine to a distributed environment without needing to learn a new framework.

We will demonstrate Koalas’ new functionalities since its initial release, discuss its roadmaps, and how we think Koalas could become the standard API for large scale data science.

What you will learn:

  • How to get started with Koalas
  • Easy transition from Pandas to Koalas on Apache Spark
  • Similarities between Pandas and Koalas APIs for DataFrame transformation and feature engineering
  • Single machine Pandas vs distributed environment of Koalas


  • A fully-charged laptop (8-16GB memory) with Chrome or Firefox
  • Python 3 and pip pre-installed
  • pip install koalas from PyPI
  • Read koalas docs


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About Tim Hunter


Tim Hunter is a senior AI specialist at the ABN AMRO Bank. He was an early software engineer at Databricks and has contributed to the Apache Spark MLlib project, and he has co-created the Koalas, GraphFrames, TensorFrames and Deep Learning Pipelines libraries. He holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning from UC Berkeley and he has been building distributed Machine Learning systems with Spark since version 0.0.2, before Spark was an Apache Software Foundation project.

Brooke Wenig
About Brooke Wenig


Brooke Wenig is Director, Machine Learning Practice. She leads a team of data scientists who develop large-scale machine learning pipelines for customers, as well as teach courses on distributed machine learning best practices. She is a co-author of Learning Spark, 2nd Edition, co-instructor of the Distributed Computing with Spark SQL Coursera course, and co-host of the Data Brew podcast. She received an MS in Computer Science from UCLA with a focus on distributed machine learning. She speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently and enjoys cycling. [daisna21-speakers]

About Niall Turbitt


Niall Turbitt is a Senior Data Scientist on the Machine Learning Practice team at Databricks. Working with Databricks customers, he builds and deploys machine learning solutions, as well as delivers training classes focused on machine learning with Spark. He received his MS in Statistics from University College Dublin and has previous experience building scalable data science solutions across a range of domains, from e-commerce to supply chain and logistics.