Petabytes, Exabytes, and Beyond: Managing Delta Lakes for Interactive Queries at Scale

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Data production continues to scale up and the techniques for managing it need to scale too. Building pipelines that can process petabytes per day in turn create data lakes with exabytes of historical data. At Databricks, we help our customers turn these data lakes into gold mines of valuable information using Apache Spark. This talk will cover techniques to optimize access to these data lakes using Delta Lakes, including range partitioning, file-based data skipping, multi-dimensional clustering, and read-optimized files. We’ll cover sample implementations and see examples of querying petabytes of data in seconds, not hours.

We’ll also discuss tradeoffs that data engineers deal with everyday like read speed vs. write throughput, managing storage costs, and duplicating data to support multiple query profiles. We’ll also discuss combining batch with streaming to achieve desired query performance. After this session, you will have new ideas for managing truly massive Delta Lakes.


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Christopher Hoshino-Fish
About Christopher Hoshino-Fish


Chris Hoshino-Fish is a Solutions Architect at Databricks. Chris is an active member of the Performance Subject Matter Expert group and a former Principal Consultant focused on Data Engineering, working with several Fortune 500 Databricks customers. Prior to Databricks, Chris worked for an adtech company as a data engineer managing pipelines using Apache Spark for 3.5 years. Chris has a B.A. in Computational Mathematics from University of California, Santa Cruz.