Reinventing Payments at HSBC with a Unified Platform for Data and AI in the Cloud

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Alessio Basso
About Alessio Basso


Alessio is the Chief Architect of PayMe from HSBC, a Social Payments app for the Hong Kong market. Prior to that, as Lead Solution Architect - Mobile Payments, he worked with OEM partners on Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, HCE wallets, as well as on innovation projects involving chatbots, facial recognition, transaction data and social media (WeChat, Facebook messenger) integration, mostly focussing on the Pearl River Delta/Greater China market.

Before coming to Asia 7 years ago, Alessio was working for a leading European fintech company, delivering software and building teams for various international banks in Northern and Eastern Europe, South Africa, and Central America.

Beyond technology, Alessio is a keen hiker, and a proud member of the Hong Kong rOARing Lions Dragon Boat team.