Spark Meetup – Brew Talk and AI for Social Good

Kick-off your Spark + AI Summit week with Databricks Developer Advocates Denny and Jules! While bantering over some brew, they will (1) take a peek at a few tracks coming up as part of this virtual and global conference, (2) give a quick update on developments in Delta Lake, Apache Spark, Koalas, and MLflow, and (3) show you how to get involved as a contributor for Delta Lake, Apache Spark, Koalas, and MLflow. Laurence from TensorFlow will talk about the latest developments in TensorFlow 2.x, how to analyze and classify images, and in particular, how TF 2.x can be used to classify images for diabetic retinopathy.

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Denny Lee
About Denny Lee


Denny Lee is a Developer Advocate at Databricks. He is a hands-on distributed systems and data sciences engineer with extensive experience developing internet-scale infrastructure, data platforms, and predictive analytics systems for both on-premise and cloud environments. He also has a Masters of Biomedical Informatics from Oregon Health and Sciences University and has architected and implemented powerful data solutions for enterprise Healthcare customers. His current technical focuses include Distributed Systems, Apache Spark, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Genomics.

About Jules Damji


Jules S. Damji is a Developer Advocate at Databricks and an MLflow contributor. He is a hands-on developer with over 15 years of experience and has worked at leading companies, such as Sun Microsystems, Netscape, @Home, Opsware/Loudcloud, VeriSign, ProQuest, and Hortonworks, building large-scale distributed systems. He holds a B.Sc and M.Sc in Computer Science (from Oregon State University and Cal State, Chico respectively), and an MA in Political Advocacy and Communication (from Johns Hopkins University).

About Laurence Moroney


Laurence Moroney is the lead AI Advocate at Google, working on TensorFlow in particular, with a goal to democratize AI by helping millions of software developers understand how it works, and how they can add it to their everyday toolbox. He's the author of the upcoming book 'AI and Machine Learning for Coders' at O'Reilly, as well as more programming books than he can count. When not Googling, he's a published Sci-Fi author, a IMDB-listed produced screenwriter, and the creator of the prequel comic books for the movie 'Equilibrium'. Laurence is based in Sammamish, Washington, where he drinks way too much coffee.