Deliver Consumer-Grade Analytics For Your Lakehouse

May 26, 2021 04:25 PM (PT)

Give everyone true self-service analytics on your Databricks Delta Lake with SQL Analytics and the Modern Analytics Cloud Platform by ThoughtSpot. Connecting live through SQL Analytics, anyone can leverage search to discover and create new insights using natural language query (NLQ). Non-technical users can increase data fluency, and Data Science teams can slice and dice their data to accelerate speed to insights. Learn how your teams can go from zero to search over billions of rows to maximize the value of your Lakehouse.

In this session watch:
Lisa Aguilar, Director of Product Marketing, GTM, ThoughtSpot
Sean Zinsmeister, VP, Product Marketing, ThoughtSpot



Lisa Aguilar: Thank you all for joining us. I’m Lisa Aguilar, Director in Product Marketing here at ThoughtSpot. And with me today is Sean Zinsmeister, VP of Product Marketing. If you’re new to ThoughtSpot or you’ve just heard of us, we are the modern analytics cloud platform and the leading consumer grade front end built for the modern data stack. And we’ve helped customers around the world, both big enterprises and startups both, accelerate time to action with their cloud data. And we’re only as good as the value we bring to our customers. And we are honored to have been recognized by data and analytics teams through a number of accolades and recognitions, including our new integration with Databricks through SQL analytics.
The technology we use every day is helping us go faster and do things easier than ever before. We can buy nearly anything across billions of different categories in just minutes. You can get a ride that comes to your exact location at the moment exactly when you need it. And you can answer almost any question you have in sub-seconds using search. So why is it, with all of this immediacy that surrounds us, it still takes us a full week to get insights from our data? Well, this is because the traditional dashboarding world looks a little like this. You have the BI team that is working on curating your different requirements that are coming from the business.
And then you have to go through this entire extract and aggregation workflow to put together a dashboard and then be able to hub and spoke this to the rest of the business. This is all very linear and it’s all done extremely one-to-one or one-to-few. Now what if we could break through all of these barriers you’ve traditionally had to jump through to bring insights to your Delta Lake and to your business users. What if you could give them a true self-service experience? So you could free yourself from the backlog of requests and deliver personalized insights to everyone of your own users. With ThoughtSpot’s modern analytics cloud, we flip this entire paradigm.
Think of this like a search interface for all of your data, for anybody to ask any data question and discover insights automatically. We’re simple. And we give your non-technical users the fastest and easiest way to get to their own answers from your data and boost productivity to insights for your data science and analytics teams. We’re open. We offer flexible APIs to help you build interactive data apps with search and AI driven analytics through a low code developer experience. And of course, we’re actionable. The extensibility of our platform gives you the ability to push data directly into your favorite business apps. And now we bring all of this to your Delta Lake. With ThoughtSpot modern analytics platform, you can bring all of the data in your Delta Lake to light. Search with Delta Lake gives your users the power of unlimited insights from your data.
And because we’re built in the cloud for modern data speeds and data volumes, you never have to think about optimizing connections, performance time, or dealing with middleware. This is your Delta Lake unthrottled. So your users can get real-time insights across the billions of rows of data sitting in your Delta Lake. Our cloud native architecture is what makes this all possible. Our Embrace technology allows us to live query your Delta Lake directly, so no data movement is required, while optimizing maximum query performance built for search. Search IQ is the world’s smartest search engine for numbers that can handle complex queries over billions of rows wrapped in enterprise grade security and governance. And SpotIQ our AI engine, which gives you the ability to use one click auto analysis and automate drill downs, uncover anomalies and outliers hidden inside of your data.
And best of all, our API first platform is composable. So you can build the consumer grade search experience across your ecosystem to deliver insights to everyone everywhere, whether that’s inside applications or inside one of your own applications like or custom built applications. The combination of Databricks and ThoughtSpot gives you the open and flexibility that you need to bring hyper-personalized insights to all of your business users without ever having to compromise on the speed, performance, or governance of your Delta Lake investment. Search and drill anywhere into the data. So your business users can self answer any data question without SQL or table structure knowledge and instantly uncover business trends and anomalies. Search is also the fastest and most intuitive way to surface AI and machine learning models for your business users. With ThoughtSpot, you can extend this interactive search experience, data apps, or right back to source applications.
ThoughtSpot with Delta Lake is as simple as a few clicks to connect and curate a search experience that even your most non-technical users will be able to get up and running and answering their own questions in a matter of minutes. No more optimizing for performance, working with subsets of data within your Delta Lake or managing delicate publishing pipelines. Our live query means never moving your data and because we’re built for modern day speed and modern day data volumes, these queries are optimized to give you sub-second response times across your Delta Lake. We offer two great products, ThoughtSpot Enterprise and ThoughtSpot everywhere. ThoughtSpot enterprise is self-service analytics for your business. And ThoughtSpot everywhere is our embedded analytics for everyone.
So you can bring these insights beyond the walls of your business, to your customers, your partners, and more. You can finally bring true self-service to your users. Because let’s face it, business users, they don’t want another static answer. They need agility and they want their analytics to work just like their favorite everyday applications. And adding yet another fixed layer changes absolutely nothing when it comes to the work you’re putting into your Delta Lake. With ThoughtSpot, you’re curating a modern consumer grade search experience for your users that can be found wherever they are, and whenever they’re making a decision. Whether that’s on the go with mobile access to real-time insights or direct alerting of changes in key business metrics or getting insights directly from your business apps, all done in a governed and secure way.
Now when it comes to your business users, the experience absolutely matters. This can be clearly seen in the paltry 35% adoption rate of BI tools by business users, despite our 20 years of investments. Instead of wasting time on hours of training, build the consumer grade experience that they really want and expect, and bring that experience to wherever your users or customers are. With ThoughtSpot everywhere, we are doing for data what Stripe did for payments. Stripe made it easy for developers to accept credit card payments with a few simple lines of code. With ThoughtSpot everywhere you can quickly and easily build a compelling search experience for your data app to keep your users coming back again and again. Legacy BI doesn’t do anything. With ThoughtSpot everywhere, all of that is in the past. Create custom actions and workflows with insights created and built in actions from your parent application or other productivity apps.
And we give you the ultimate developer experience so you can build and test and see in real time, the experience you’re curating. Getting the adoption and the stickiness you need, the user experience has to be immediately understandable and simple to consume. And everyone inherently understands search. There is so much you can do with Delta Lake and ThoughtSpot together. It makes the art of the possible truly possible. At NASDAQ, they’re dealing with a tremendous amount of market data, as you can only imagine. With the power of Delta Lake and ThoughtSpot together, they’re making it possible for their business users to quickly understand market and exchange data and improve performance and capacity planning. At a global retail coffee company, they’re bringing granular visibility across store performance, employee hours, promotions, and more to their business users. And they’re using it to optimize forecasting, to deliver better customer experiences. But seeing this as so much better than talking about it. So Sean, why don’t I pass this on over to you so everyone can see this in action.

Sean Zinsmeiste…: Thanks, Lisa. We’re excited to give you an interactive tour of ThoughtSpot analytics cloud on Databricks using search and AI, live on Databricks Delta Lake without any data movement needed. In this demo, we’ll show you how to connect Databricks Delta Lake, directly query your data live, use search to create and discover new insights, drill anywhere to even the finest grain without any predefined drill paths, tell compelling data stories with interactive pin boards, auto analyze your data with one click AI driven insights to discover hidden outliers and anomalies in your data and take insights on the go with ThoughtSpot mobile for iOS or Android. And even how you can extend the power of ThoughtSpot analytics cloud to build your own interactive data app using embedded analytics with ThoughtSpot everywhere. Let’s take a look.
Databricks SQL analytics improves the analytics experience with simplified administration to increase performance and enhance scalability for lower latency and higher throughput. Databricks SQL analytics enables users now to query all the data in their Lakehouse via scalable, cost-effective clusters optimized for SQL workloads. The ThoughtSpot analytics cloud delivers consumer grade analytics on Databricks Delta Lake to put the most innovative technologies from across the cloud ecosystem in the hands of your entire team. In this example, ThoughtSpot is bringing the ease and performance of consumer search engines to all of our media subscriber data in Databricks Delta Lake.
Here, we started with something simple, a search on the number of customers by show name. And we can easily narrow this down using powerful ThoughtSpot native keywords like “Top.” Now let’s take our search a bit deeper. Let’s analyze the number of customers by episode number and show name, specifically for original programming. And as you can see, ThoughtSpot automatically picks a best fit visualization, but we can change this to a different visualization with just a few clicks. Wonder Woman is our most popular original program. And ThoughtSpot enables us to drill into any level of granularity in our Databricks Delta Lake data. Knowing that, let’s see who has watched our first episode of Wonder Woman by gender, and even the specific customer.
We can turn this into a table visualization and build it out with some additional demographics and stats that may be helpful for segmentation in future marketing campaigns. With ThoughtSpot search answers, we can leverage advanced natural language search to uncover insights that have already been created by our peers. For example, anyone can search for answers that have already been created. Let’s search for most watched shows. And just like that, ThoughtSpot returns a number of pin boards and answers created by our colleagues and related to which shows our customers are watching, ordered by relevance. We can click for more details and get a quick preview without leaving the convenience of our homepage.
The ease and power of search is clear, but how do we connect ThoughtSpot to our tables and Databricks for live queries in the first place? It’s easy. Here, we have several tables under the Spotflix database in our Databricks SQL endpoint. To give end users access to this data via ThoughtSpot, we simply connect ThoughtSpot to Databricks Delta Lake directly. Here we can see all the tables available to us from Databricks Delta Lake through ThoughtSpot’s Embrace connection. After connecting the tables in Databricks Delta Lake, we can build a worksheet to optimize the search experience, adding synonyms and joining tables to make searches more user-friendly. And there you have it. It’s time to start searching.
On the go? No reason you can’t take your answers with you. With ThoughtSpot mobile, your data moves with you. The latest insights are never more than just a few taps away. Here, we are looking at a pin board full of metrics around our recent marketing campaigns. Let’s dive into this answer about our campaign stats by content type. Campaigns around The Walking Dead have driven quite a few impressions and clicks for us. Even on the mobile app, everything remains interactive. We can drill down by campaign type to see exactly where these campaigns are running. It looks like we’ve only run paid campaigns for The Walking Dead to this point. We may want to spin up some new organic campaigns as well, to take advantage of the growing interest in this show.
That’s ThoughtSpot for Databricks. Building the modern analytics cloud on the power of search and AI driven analytics and the Databricks Delta Lake. Don’t just take my word for it. Give it a try for yourself. Head over to and connect your Databricks Delta Lake via SQL analytics directly, or load your favorite CSV or use one of our pre-built datasets to experience the power of search on your data yourself.

Lisa Aguilar

Lisa Aguilar

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Sean Zinsmeister is the VP of Product Marketing at ThoughtSpot, where he is responsible for architecting the messaging and go-to-market strategy for ThoughtSpot's Search & AI-driven analytics platform...
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