APRIL 25TH, 2019

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Accelerating the Machine Learning Lifecycle with MLflow 1.0

Matei Zaharia (Databricks), Aaron Davidson (Databricks), Greg Buehrer (Microsoft)

Winning the Audience with AI: Comcast’s Journey to Building an Agile Data and AI Platform at Scale

Jan Neumann (Comcast), Jim Forsythe (Comcast),

How Netflix Data Science Powers Global Entertainment

Caitlin Smallwood (Netflix)

Principles for Human-centered AI

Michael I Jordan (UC Berkeley)

Understanding the Limitations of AI: When Algorithms Fail

Timnit Gebru (Google Brain)

Introduction to Tensorflow 2.0

Anitha Vijayakumar (Google)

Deep Visual Understanding from Deep Learning

Jitendra Malik (Facebook AI Research)

Day One Videos | Day Two Videos