Abhinav Garg

Product Manager, Databricks

Abhinav is a product Leader specializing in Cloud, Data & AI, DevOps & Overall Enterprise Architecture. For the past three years, Abhniav has been helping Databricks customer meet their security and governance requirements as they adopt the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Past sessions

Attacks on enterprise data can come from employees with access to company systems or external private or state-sponsored malicious actors. Some of the larger well-known data breaches were planned and executed over months and years of preparation, and in all cases, the victims were unaware until it was too late — the damage was done. Any comprehensive solution an enterprise adopts to mitigate the risk have to address all four areas of people, process, policy and platform. Most may spend a lot of time managing people, policies and processes. But what happens when you start with your data platform, the core of your entire data architecture, and work your way out? In this session, learn the fundamentals of governance and security for your cloud data and analytics platform, including extending cloud identity management, setting up private links, monitoring access and costs, and ensuring the right policies are enforced for every workspace.

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Abhinav Garg, Product Manager, Databricks
Tianyi Huang, Engineering Manager, Databricks