Arvind Das

Senior Engineer, american express

Arvind Das is a Senior engineer at American Express. He is currently leading a high motivated team leveraging Apache Spark to design the next generation of data pipelines & data processing for the American Express. His previous experiences includes building highly scalable and resilient cloud native applications for American Express.

Past sessions

In financial world, petabytes of transactional data need to be stored, processed, distributed across global customers and partners in a secured, compliant and accurate way with high availability, resiliency and observability. In American Express, we need to generate hundreds of different kinds of reports and distribute to thousands of partners in different schedules based on billions of daily transactions. Our next generation reporting framework is a highly configurable enterprise framework that caters to different reporting needs with zero development. This reusable framework entails dynamic scheduling of partner-specific reports, transforming, aggregating and filtering the data into different dataframes using inbuilt as well as user-defined spark functions leveraging spark's in memory and parallel processing capabilities. This also encompasses applying business rules and converting it into different formats by embedding template engines like FreeMarker and Mustache into the framework.

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Arvind Das, Senior Engineer, american express
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