Blair Hutchinson

Product Manager, Tableau

Blair is a Product Manager at Tableau and works with strategic technology partners, like Databricks, to help delight customers looking to get the most out of platforms. Blair’s been at Tableau for almost five years and has taken his Tableau product knowledge to Seattle non-profits and to the classrooms at the University of Washington. Away from Tableau, you can find Blair in the Cascade mountain range climbing and skiing in the backcountry with friends and family

Past sessions

Summit 2021 Gain 3 Benefits with Delta Sharing

May 26, 2021 05:00 PM PT

Following Matei Zaharia's keynote presentation, join this session for the nitty gritty details. Tableau is joining forces with Databricks and the Delta Lake open source community to announce Delta Sharing and the new open Delta Sharing protocol for secure data sharing. For Tableau customers, Delta Sharing simplifies and enriches data, while supporting the development of a data culture. Join this session to see a live demo of Tableau on Delta Sharing. Tableau customers can choose between 2 workflows for connection. The first workflow is called “Direct Connect,” which leverages a Tableau WDC connector. The second workflow involves using a hybrid approach for querying live on the Delta Sharing protocol and using Tableau Hyper in-memory data engine for fast data ingestion and analytical query processing.


In this session watch:
Razi Sharir, VP of Product Management, Data, Tableau
Blair Hutchinson, Product Manager, Tableau


Summit Europe 2020 Using Tableau to Analyze Your Data Lake

November 18, 2020 04:00 PM PT

More organizations are reaping the benefits of the combination of data lakes and data warehouses, in a new architecture known as a Lakehouse. Tableau users can use the new capabilities of Databricks to directly access their data lake and provide high performance access to the most recent data sets from streaming and batch sources. This architecture enables critical use cases like fraud detection and customer analytics that depend on the most recent information. In addition, since more users across the company, including new personas such as business and data analysts, can access all the data, there will be more business intelligence and business insights discovered by bringing them together with data scientists and engineers. See a demonstration of the integration and hear about customers who are using this architecture to drive business results.

Speaker: Blair Hutchinson