Don Bosco Durai

Corporate (CIO, CTO, Chief Data Officer), Privacera

Don Bosco Durai (Bosco) is a serial entrepreneur and thought leader in enterprise security. His earlier startup Bharosa built one of the first real-time user and entity behavioral-based fraud detection solutions. Following Bharosa’s acquisition by Oracle, Bosco worked extensively with most Fortune 500 enterprises in their security journey. Later on, Bosco co-founded XASecure which reinvented security at scale for Big Data, and post-acquisition by Hortonworks, XASecure’s product was donated to Apache Software Foundation and renamed as Apache Ranger. Through his current startup Privacera, Bosco is addressing data security and governance challenges for enterprises in the Cloud. He is also actively involved in the Open Source communities and is a committer in open source projects like Apache Ranger, Apache Ambari, and Apache HAWQ.

Past sessions

Summit 2021 Scaling Privacy in a Spark Ecosystem

May 27, 2021 03:50 PM PT

Privacy has become one of the most important critical topics in data today. It is more than how do we ingest and consume data but the important factors about how you protect your customer’s rights while balancing the business need. In our session, we will bring CTO, Privacera, Don Bosco Durai together with Northwestern Mutual to detail an important use case in privacy and then show how to scale Privacy with a focus on the business needs. We will make the ability to scale effortless.

In this session watch:
Aaron Colcord, Director, Northwestern Mutual
Don Bosco Durai, Corporate (CIO, CTO, Chief Data Officer), Privacera


Accelerating Data Science Initiatives with Databricks’ Rapid SQL Analytics and Privacera’s Centralized Data Access Governance.


Databricks’ SQL Analytics helps data teams consolidate and simplify their data architectures. With SQL Analytics, data teams can perform BI and SQL workloads on the same multi-cloud lakehouse architecture enabling data scientists to perform advanced analytics on unstructured and large-scale data. This session will explore how Privacera’s advanced security, privacy, and governance capabilities seamlessly integrate with Databricks’ unified SQL Analytics approach to  provide single pane visibility of data analytics from a centralized location. Attendees will learn how to: 


  • Rapidly access data to run high-fidelity analytics
  • Implement a fully secure solution that ensures productivity, while controlling data access at fine-grained levels (row, column, and file)
  • Easily enable consistent access policies across all systems and applications
  • Support true data transparency across enterprises
  • Comply with stringent industry and privacy regulations like GDPR, LGPD, HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS, RTBF, and more with rich auditing and reporting
In this session watch:
Don Bosco Durai, Corporate (CIO, CTO, Chief Data Officer), Privacera