Brandon Davis

Machine Learning Engineer, Mindbody

Brandon Davis is an Machine Learning Engineer at Mindbody. With a background in Software Engineering and API Development, he brings this experience to the MLOps space to lead the ML team’s efforts in data engineering as well as deployment, monitoring and integration of ML Services at Mindbody.

Past sessions

We build machine learning products to support discovery and automation within the fitness health and wellness sector. Our products range from building recommender systems to enable our consumers to discover products from our customers within our fitness marketplace to applying natural language techniques to enable our customers to create automated marketing emails to delight their customers. In this talk, we will present our solution for training and deploying machine learning models into our production environment. We will talk about how our pipeline has evolved with open source tools like DBT, AirFlow and Sagemaker to address various pain points in building and scaling our data pipelines to support our machine learning solutions across the breadth of our wellness and beauty product ecosystem.

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Genna Gliner, ML engineer, Mindbody
Brandon Davis, Machine Learning Engineer, Mindbody


Brandon Davis