Bryce Bartmann

Senior Data Engineer, Shell

Bryce is a Senior Data Engineer in Shell’s Data Science COE overseeing cloud technologies, including Databricks and Azure. After 15 years of working on data in global SAP ERP implementations, Bryce transitioned to Advanced Analytics when becoming a member of Shell’s Inventory Optimisation Databricks Project.

Past sessions

As the size and complexity of data grows, building reliable data pipelines is increasingly important, but also complex and challenging. Learn how Delta Live Tables simplifies the ETL lifecycle on Delta Lake, helping data engineering teams greatly simplify ETL development and ongoing management to improve data quality, scale operations, and reduce cost.


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Awez Syed, VP Product Management, Databricks

Bryce Bartmann, Senior Data Engineer, Shell


Summit Europe 2018 Scaling Advanced Analytics at Shell

February 4, 2023 05:33 PM PT

Learn how Shell leveraged Databricks' Unified Analytics Platform as the cornerstone of their Advanced Analytics COE and how this resulted in a more unified data team collaboratively speeding time to value by reducing unnecessary churn as they operationalized production workloads on projects ranging from Inventory Optimization to Machine Vision.

Session hashtag: #SAISEnt2