Dan Rice

Senior Solution Engineer, BigID

Senior Solution Engineer at BigID with expertise in Relational Database Systems, DevOps, Engineering, Spark, and Big Data – Hadoop. Dan has a passion for solutions surrounding data governance, data security, and machine learning.

Past sessions

Data analysts and data scientists use Apache Spark and Databricks for a unified analytics platform, but need to understand what data is available to use and what data has sensitive information or is restricted by policies and regulations. Leverage BigID’s Data Discovery-in-Depth to uncover sensitive data elements before data scientists and researchers build algorithms on top of data. Scale discovery and labeling data for context to know all of the data in your Delta Lake and keep up with the speed of data growth. Knowing what exists in your data will help keep necessary guardrails around your data. 


Apply BigID’s discovery platform to:

  1. Know all of the data inside of Spark to select the best data for analysis
  2. Identify sensitive data with relevant policies for compliance and risk mitigation
  3. Add context to data to understand what data scientists are doing.
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Dan Rice, Senior Solution Engineer, BigID