David Kanter

Executive (VP, GM), MLCommons

David Kanter is a Founder and the Executive Director of MLCommons where he helps lead the MLPerf benchmarks and other initiatives. He has 16+ years of experience in semiconductors, computing, and machine learning. He founded a microprocessor and compiler startup, was an early employee at Aster Data Systems, and has consulted for industry leaders such as Intel, Nvidia, KLA, Applied Materials, Qualcomm, Microsoft and many others. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Mathematics with a specialization in Computer Science, and a Bachelor of Arts with honors in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Past sessions

Summit 2021 MLCommons: Better ML for Everyone

May 27, 2021 04:25 PM PT

MLCommons aims to accelerate machine learning to benefit everyone.

MLCommons will build a a common set of tools for ML practitioners including:

Benchmarks to measure progress: MLCommons will leverage MLPerf (built on DAWNbench) to measure speed, but also expand benchmarking other aspects of ML such as accuracy and algorithmic efficiency. ML models continue to increase in size and consequently cost. Sustaining growth in capability will require learning how to do more (accuracy) with less (efficiency).

Public datasets to fuel research: MLCommons new People’s Speech project seeks to develop a public dataset that, in addition to being larger than any other public speech dataset by more than an order of magnitude (86K hours labeled speech), better reflects diverse languages and accents. Public datasets drive machine learning like nothing else; consider ImageNet’s impact on the field of computer vision.

Best practices to accelerate development: MLCommons will make it easier to develop and deploy machine learning solutions by fostering consistent best practices. For instance, MLCommons’ MLCube project provides a common container interface for machine learning models to make them easier to share, experiment with (including benchmark), develop, and ultimately deploy.

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David Kanter, Executive (VP, GM), MLCommons