Hamilton Hord

Site Reliability Engineer, Scribd

Hamilton is a Site Reliability Engineer at Scribd where he has helped deploy Databricks to hundreds of happy internal customers. He enjoys helping data scientists, analysts, and machine learning developers do really interesting things on top of the best cloud infrastructure tooling available. In his free time Hamilton likes to play various video games on Linux based systems (mostly just tinkering).

Past sessions

The long term success of any part of Scribd's data platform relies on Platform Engineering putting tools in the hands of developers and data scientists to "choose their own adventure".

In this session we'll learn about Databricks (Labs) Terraform integration and how it can automate literally every aspect required for a production-grade platform: data security, permissions, continuous deployment and so on. We'll learn how Scribd offers their internal customers flexibility without acting as gatekeepers. Just about anything they might need in Databricks is a pull request away. We'll also learn about the typical deployment patterns of Databricks with Terraform among other customers and clouds and how the project evolved over time.

In this session watch:
Hamilton Hord, Site Reliability Engineer, Scribd
Serge Smertin, Resident Solutions Architect, Databricks