Lara Minor

Senior Enterprise Data Manager, Columbia Sportswear

Lara Minor is a Senior Enterprise Data Manager for Columbia Sportswear. She is an inspiring IT leader with 10+ years of experience influencing corporate growth and profitability through innovative technology strategies, dynamic leadership, and an ability to shape high-performing, multicultural teams.

A hands-on coach and mentor, I most enjoy providing software developers and cross-functional teams clear vision, meaningful feedback and motivating them to make big things happen. I’m particularly strong when working in environments that require a strong mix of technical aptitude, business acumen and communication skills in order to achieve major milestones. A collaborative problem solver by nature, I’m comfortable navigating the most challenging projects and enjoy taking on the most complex or problematic initiatives. I’m also skilled in managing within matrixed global organizations and committed to keeping communication and culture integral to the business as I lead.

Past sessions

Columbia is a data-driven enterprise, integrating data from all line-of-business-systems to manage its wholesale and retail businesses. This includes integrating real-time and batch data to better manage purchase orders and generate accurate consumer demand forecasts. It also includes analyzing product reviews to increase customer satisfaction. In this presentation, we'll walk through how we achieved a 70% reduction in pipeline creation time and reduced ETL workload times from four hours with previous data warehouses to minutes using Azure Databricks, hence enabling near real-time analytics. We migrated from multiple legacy data warehouses, run by individual lines of business, to a single scalable, reliable, performant data lake on top of Azure and Delta Lake.