Martin Longpre

Architect, Sanofi

Martin Longpre is the Medical solution architect who engineered the data flow on the cloud along with the integration of various components. He is a Computer Engineer and has led the implementation of several platforms for R&D and RWE while at Sanofi.

Past sessions

Gaining insights and knowledge from real-world health data (RWD), i.e., data acquired outside the context of randomized clinical trials, has been an area of continued opportunity for pharma organizations.

What is real-world data and real-world evidence - how it is generated, what value it drives for life sciences in general and what kind of analytics are performed.

What are some considerations and challenges related to data security, privacy, and industrialization of a big data platform hosted in the cloud.

How we leveraged Databricks to perform big data ingestion - advantages over native AWS Batch/Glue Examples of some of the advanced analytics use cases downstream that leveraged DB for RWE.

Note: This solution and one of the use case leveraging the solution won the 2020 Gartner Eye for Innovation award. this

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Harini Gopalakrishnan, Director, Sanofi
Martin Longpre, Architect, Sanofi