Matt Graves

Vice President, Enterprise Data & Analytics, GCI Communication Corp.

Matt is the VP of Enterprise Data & Analytics at GCI Communication Corp. An accomplished executive with consistently successful, diverse leadership in the telecom, high technology, payments, and financial services verticals, Matt is experienced in driving technology innovation from conception to development, integration, rollout and operations management; intellectual property development; domestic and international digital marketplace infrastructure and operation; complex deal negotiation and execution with large partners; mergers and acquisitions; and partner development.

Past sessions

Summit 2021 Modernizing to a Cloud Data Architecture

May 27, 2021 04:25 PM PT

Organizations with on-premises Hadoop infrastructure are bogged down by system complexity, unscalable infrastructure, and the increasing burden on DevOps to manage legacy architectures. Costs and resource utilization continue to go up while innovation has flatlined. In this session, you will learn why, now more than ever, enterprises are looking for cloud alternatives to Hadoop and are migrating off of the architecture in large numbers. You will also learn how elastic compute models’ benefits help one customer scale their analytics and AI workloads and best practices from their experience on a successful migration of their data and workloads to the cloud.

In this session watch:
Guido Oswald, Solutions Architect, Databricks
Matt Graves, Vice President, Enterprise Data & Analytics, GCI Communication Corp.


Matt Graves