Sean Jacobs

Director of R&D IT Architecture Services, Eisai

Sean has more than 25 years of experience in Information Technology. He has held various roles over his career including Programmer, Solution Architect, Application Architect, Data Architect, Enterprise Architect, CIO, and CTO. He has participated with his teams to accelerate their adoption of technology around big data projects such as data lakes, data pipelines, and data science services. Sean holds a BS in Computer Science from Columbia University, and lives in Norwalk, CT

Past sessions

A recent Gartner report found that 62% of data teams consider overcoming siloed data use among business areas the most challenging aspect of data and analytics governance. Eisai was facing this precise hurdle, and with enterprise-wide reliance on sensitive data analytics, its data team needed a holistic, scalable solution.


Join Sean Jacobs of Eisai and Matt Vogt of Immuta to learn:

  • Why data-driven organizations like Eisai are adopting a data lakehouse architecture to simplify data management and reduce risk
  • How Immuta integrates with Databricks SQL Analytics and Data Science workspaces to streamline data access across Eisai’s lakehouse
  • How Eisai has broken down data use silos throughout the organization while complying with strict regulatory requirements using automated access controls and data masking
In this session watch:
Matt Vogt, Sr. Director of Global Solutions Architecture, Immuta
Sean Jacobs, Director of R&D IT Architecture Services, Eisai