Tarun Rana

Corporate Senior Manager, Digital Transformation, Henkel

Tarun Rana is based in Amsterdam and have been with Henkel for 5 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical Engineer, master’s in international business and an MBA. As Corporate Senior Manager in Digital Transformation, he leads topics around Big Data and Industry 4.0 in Laundry & Home Care business unit in Henkel. He is passionate about innovation and in continuous pursuit of ways to introduce digital tools to optimize end to end value chain.

Past sessions

Summit Europe 2020 End to End Supply Chain Control Tower

November 18, 2020 04:00 PM PT

When you look at traditional ERP or management systems, they are usually used to manage the supply chain originating from either the point of Origin or point of destination which all our primarily physical locations. And for these, you have several processes like order to cash, source to pay, physical distribution, production etc.

Our supply chain control tower is not tied up to a single location nor confined to a single part in the supply network hierarchy. Our control tower focuses on gathering and storing real-time data, and offers a single point of information related to all data points. We are able to aggregate data from different inventory, warehouse, production, planning, etc. to guide improvements and mitigate exceptions keeping in mind an efficient supply network operations in our end to end value chain.

Which allows us to do cross-functional data-based applications, one such example is like Digital Sales and operations planning. Which is a very powerful tool to align operations execution with our financial goals.

All this is possible, by using a future proof big data architecture and strong partnership with their respective suppliers such as microsoft and Databricks.

Speaker: Tarun Rana