Tony Pastorino

Vice President of Information Services, Indiana University Health

Tony is a Vice President within the Information Services organization of IU Health. He has responsibility for Enterprise Business Applications, Data Warehousing & Decision Support, and Health Plans IS. Tony has 25+ years of IT experience across multiple industries.

Past sessions

Healthcare leaders today are faced with increasingly complex and unprecedented challenges. With COVID-19 taking the world by storm, the need for an intelligent system of insights that can proactively deliver actionable and real-time knowledge on patient populations is imminent to providing better care. Multiple Health systems across the country, such as Indiana University Health, are turning to technology and leveraging investments in Data & AI to adapt to the need for readiness, preparedness and response to the rapid surge in patient volumes.

KenSci recently launched a Realtime Command Center for COVID-19 Response to support our customers during these challenging times. This solution converts near-real-time (NRT) messages like HL7 (ADT, ORU, ORM etc.) into a single common data model using the FHIR specification and provides health systems a real-time view into bed management and capacity planning along with important insights like overall ventilator use, surge projections and discharge planning insights. The Realtime Command Center is deployed on top of the existing KenSci Platform and infrastructure, built on Azure Databricks. Join this session to hear about how prior investments in Data & AI have enabled Indiana University Health to rapidly extend its pre-existing infrastructure and self-service offerings to react to the need for COVID-19 focused dashboards and insights. During this session, you will learn:

  • How IU Health leveraged the cloud and data to build self-service offerings for COVID-19 response
  • What Data & AI teams can do to better respond to future pandemics
  • KenSci’s learning and experience with deployment of the Realtime COVID-19 Command Center at multiple large health systems