Vitaly Khudobakhshov

Project Lead in Big Data IDE, JetBrains

I am the project lead of a new JetBrains product called Big Data Tools for IntelliJ IDEA. With it, we aim to give data engineers a completely new experience for working with Apache Spark, Hadoop, and Zeppelin within the IDE. In the past, I’ve worked as a senior analyst and data engineer for one of the largest social networks, implementing recommendation algorithms and ETLs in Scala, Java, and Apache Spark. I’ve also taught courses in computer science, software engineering, and big data for many years.

Past sessions

Summit Europe 2019 Making Zeppelin and Apache Spark Enjoyable

October 15, 2019 05:00 PM PT

JetBrains is a company that is always striving to build the most intelligent and ergonomic tools for developers. Regardless of the platform or language, we always aim for making the developer experience an enjoyable experience. IntelliJ IDEA is known to be one of the most advanced IDEs for professional JVM developers. It’s also known as a flagship product among the family of products built with the IntelliJ platform. This family includes dedicated IDEs and plugins for the most used languages and platforms of today. In my short talk, I’ll give you a glimpse into the new IntelliJ IDEA plugin that we’re working on at JetBrains. It is tailored to meet the needs of data engineers and other professionals that work with Zeppelin and Spark.