AI & the Lakehouse: Shell’s Journey Towards Effective Data Governance


TRACKData Governance
INDUSTRYEnergy and Utilities
TECHNOLOGIESData Sharing, AI/Machine Learning, Governance
SKILL LEVELIntermediate
Join John O’Brien and Rajkumar Venkatachalapathy from Shell Energy as they discuss the challenges and solutions in implementing a data strategy and lakehouse in a large, diverse organization. They’ll share their experiences, including initial hurdles in data strategy and governance, and how they used Unity Catalog and a business-owned data product approach to overcome them. They’ll delve into the concept of Data Mesh, discussing the roles of the product team and the customer, and provide real-life examples. They’ll also share insights on using analytics, PowerBI, ML models, and AI for Data Governance. This talk is for professionals grappling with data strategy and governance, offering insights on aligning goals, identifying use cases, team organization and scaling operations. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of achieving success with data, analytics, and AI. The presentation, aimed at an intermediate level, will include code snippets and working code demonstrations.