Building Your First GenAI App using Databricks, MosiacML and MLRun


TRACKGenerative AI
INDUSTRYEnterprise Technology
TECHNOLOGIESAI/Machine Learning, GenAI/LLMs, MLFlow
SKILL LEVELIntermediate

We'll demonstrate how to implement GenAI in your organization – From building your first GenAI app to scaling GenAI use cases across the enterprise, using Databricks, MosiacAI and open source MLOps orchestration framework MLRun. We’ll share MLOps orchestration best practices based on real use cases from global clients. We’ll explore ways to enable your team to automate the CI/CD of foundation models and transformers, along with the application logic, in production. We’ll discuss how to manage and monitor the application pipelines at scale. We’ll show how to share GPUs to maximize application performance while protecting your investment in AI infrastructure. We’ll explain how to make the whole process efficient, effective, collaborative, and, most importantly - scalable. We will include a live demo of transfer learning and the deployment of a transformer model using Databricks, MosaicML, and MLRun, as well as real-world examples of GenAI apps deployed in global organizations.


Bruce Philp

/Tech Fellow Partner
QuantumBlack (acquired by McKinsey & Co)

Yaron Haviv

/Co-Founder & CTO
Iguazio (acquired by McKinsey & Co)