Deploy Workloads with Databricks Workflows


TYPEPaid Training
TRACKPaid Training
  • Audience: Data engineers
  • Hands-on labs: Yes
  • Certification path: Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate
  • Description: In this half-day course, you’ll laern how to orchestrate data pipelines with Databricks Workflow Jobs and schedule dashboard updates to keep analytics up-to-date. We’ll cover topics like getting started with Databricks Workflows, how to use Databricks SQL for on-demand queries, and how to configure and schedule dashboards and alerts to reflect updates to production data pipelines.
  • Pre-requisites: Beginner familiarity with cloud computing concepts (virtual machines, object storage, etc.), production experience working with data warehouses and data lakes, intermediate experience with basic SQL concepts (select, filter, groupby, join, etc), beginner programming experience with Python (syntax, conditions, loops, functions), beginner programming experience with the Spark DataFrame API (Configure DataFram