How to Create a Holistic Customer View to Drive Performance and Revenue


EXPERIENCEIn Person, Virtual
TRACKData Lakehouse Architecture
INDUSTRYMedia and Entertainment
TECHNOLOGIESAI/Machine Learning, Governance, SQL Analytics / BI / Visualizations
SKILL LEVELIntermediate

This proposal introduces Graphite, a revolutionary data product. Graphite will empower business users by providing a unified application for querying and visualizing content lifecycle data, offering insights into revenue streams like affiliate sales and subscriptions. The presentation will cover Graphite's purpose, real-time capabilities with Databricks online tables, utilization of serverless job clusters and SQL warehouses, natural language querying with Databricks DatabricksIQ, and future developments. Integrated with Databricks technologies, Graphite signifies a transformative shift for Condé Nast in interacting with content data and positions itself as a key player in building a unified data platform based on the Databricks Lakehouse architecture.


Zachary Bannor

/Data Engineering Manager
Condé Nast