Sponsored by: Avanade | Using Generative AI and other Databricks Workloads to Manage Sensitive Data

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TYPELightning Talk
TRACKAcademic Research
INDUSTRYEducation, Health and Life Sciences, Financial Services
TECHNOLOGIESAI/Machine Learning, GenAI/LLMs, Governance
SKILL LEVELIntermediate

There are significant penalties for failure to control data adequately, from punitive financial penalties to brand devaluation. The basic problem is that some data requires specialized handling – particularly in regulated industries like healthcare and public services. How can an organization better manage sensitive and protected data, while ensuring data can be processed, managed and leveraged through its operations? The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform and in particular ita Unity Catalog offer a solution to unique sensitive data challenges. Not only does Unity Catalog provide better organizational capabilities, but it can also be leveraged to enable previously impossible things with sensitive data challenges. Join Dr. Alan Dennis for a full exploration of common data challenges with sensitive data using the Databricks platform, and a discussion of novel solutions to ensure data remains protected through the data lifecycle.


Alan Dennis

/Director - Advanced Analytics
Avanade Inc (HQ)