Daya Khudia
Daya has been leading the GenAI performance engineering team at Databricks since July 2023. With a strong background in computer engineering, Daya has over a decade of experience in creating faster and more compute efficient systems.

Before joining Databricks via MosaicML acquisition, Daya worked at MosaicML as a R&D Engineer, where he focused on improving training and inference performance of ML models. At Meta, as an Applied Research Scientist in the AI System Co-design Team, he developed FBGEMM, an open source software library that contains kernels to make inference faster.

He earned his Master’s and Ph.D. degree in CSE from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor after completing his undergraduate studies in EE at the IIT, Delhi.

Daya’s sessions

Daya will be contributing to these sessions at Data + AI Summit 2024: