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June 27–30, 2022



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Welcome data teams and executives in the Manufacturing  industry! This year’s Data + AI Summit is jam-packed with talks, demos and discussions on the biggest innovations around improving manufacturing operations, building agile supply chains and enabling an AI-driven business.

To help you take full advantage of the Manufacturing experience at Summit, we’ve curated all the programs in one place.

Highlights at this year’s Summit:

  • Manufacturing Industry Forum: Our capstone event for Manufacturing attendees at Summit featuring keynotes and panel discussions with John Deere, Honeywell and Collins Aerospace followed by networking. More details in the agenda below. 
  • Manufacturing Lounge:Stop by our lounge located outside the Expo floor to meet with Databricks’ industry experts and see solutions from The Global Solution Integrator and Tredence.
  • Session Talks: Insightful talks on predicting and preventing machine downtime, real-time process optimization and leveraging informational and operational technology data to make enterprise decisions.

The full list of Manufacturing sessions, talks and demos can be found in the agenda below.

Featured Speakers

Headshot of Jayashree Karnam

Jayashree Karnam

Engineering Manager

John Deere

Curated Sessions


4:00 PM

4:00 PM-4:35 PM
Why a Data Lakehouse is Critical During the Manufacturing Apocalypse

COVID has changed the way that we work and the way that we must do business. Supply Chain disruptions have impacted manufacturers’ ability to manufacture and distribute products. Logistics and the lack of labor have forced us to staff differently. The existential threat is real and we must change the way that we analyze data and solve problems real time in order to stay relevant.


Headshot of Heather Urbanek
Heather Urbanek
Corning Inc.
Headshot of Brad Nicholas
Brad Nicholas
Corning Incorporated
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10:45 AM

10:45 AM-11:20 AM
Predicting and Preventing Machine Downtime with AI and Expert Alerts

John Deere’s Expert alerts is a proactive monitoring system that notifies dealers of potential machine issues. This allows technicians to diagnose issues remotely and fix them before they become a problem thereby avoiding multiple trips by a repair technician and minimizing downtime. John Deere ingests petabytes of data every year from its Connected Machines across the globe. To improve the availability,...

Headshot of Jayashree Karnam
Jayashree Karnam
John Deere
Headshot of Jeremy Goebel
Jeremy Goebel
john Deere

11:30 AM

11:30 AM-12:05 PM
Applied Predictive Maintenance in Aviation: Without Sensor Data

While there are many different methods to performing predictive maintenance in aviation, most require sensor data. New aircraft do generate more in-flight data compared to older ones, but the data is still limited to a small percentage of parts. However, we do have a rich history of component removal data that we use for predictive maintenance. Using Azure Databricks to move on premise data to the cloud ...

Headshot of David Taylor
David Taylor
FedEx Express
Headshot of Randy Provence
Randy Provence
FedEx Express

2:05 PM

2:05 PM-2:40 PM
Smart Manufacturing: Real-time Process Optimization with Databricks

the key opportunities was to improve productivity and cost of production metrics by
Reduction in Unscheduled Stoppages (by >50%)
Reduction in wastage and scrap (~25%)
This is being achieved by a AIoT led solution develop and deployed on Azure Databricks
Technical detail
Once this initial use case is proven, the plan is to scale up and scale out the solution architect...

Headshot of Vamsi Krishna Bhupasamudram
Vamsi Krishna Bhupasamudram
Headshot of Ashwin Voorkarra
Ashwin Voorkarra

3:30 PM

Industry Forum
3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Manufacturing Industry Forum

Join our capstone event for Manufacturing Industry-centric attendees at Summit featuring keynotes and panel discussions with Raytheon, John Deere and Honeywell followed by a group social where you can mingle and network

Headshot of Aimee DeGrauwe
Aimee DeGrauwe
John Deere
Headshot of Peter Conrardy
Peter Conrardy
Collins Aerospace
And two more

5:00 PM

Industry Forum
5:00 PM-6:30 PM
Manufacturing Industry Reception
Join us for a chance to network with other Manuafcturing executives at this industry specfic netwrking and refreshments hour



Data On-Board: The Aerospace Revolution

From airplanes to satellites, through mission systems, the aerospace industry generates a huge amount of data waiting to be exploited. All this information is shaping new concepts and capabilities that will forever change the industry thanks to artificial intelligence: autonomous flight, fault prediction, automatic problem detection or energy efficiency among many others.


Headshot of Miguel Martin Acosta
Miguel Martin Acosta

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