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Building Scalable & Advanced AI based Language Solutions for R&D using Databricks

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  •  Moscone South | Level 2 | 215


  • 35 min

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AI is ubiquitous and language-based AI is even more omniscient. Processing of unstructured data, understanding language to form information and generating language to respond to questions or write essays have specific business applications. In Pharma’s R&D Deloitte has been investing to create solutions across every part of the value chain and AI / ML models are embedded across. We have leveraged Databricks both as a development platform and data pipeline system which in turn has helped us accelerate and streamline the AI / ML model development required for R&D value chain. Through a systematic and scalable approach to processing, understanding, and generating unstructured content we have successfully delivered multiple use cases through which we have achieved business value and proved out critical advanced AI capabilities. We will discuss such situational challenges and solutions during our session.

Session Speakers

Subadhra Parthasarathy

Specialist Leader / Senior Manager


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