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Driving Real-Time Decisions in Retail

Regional Event

In person event at Fora, Soho

Join us to learn how the Databricks Lakehouse for Retail addresses traditional data architectural challenges. You’ll find out how to modernise your data and AI capabilities in ways that drive real-time decisions and enhance customer experiences.

Hands-On Workshop: Using Databricks SQL for Analytics on Your Lakehouse

Virtual Event

가상 이벤트

Join this interactive hands-on workshop to learn how Databricks SQL allows you to operate a multicloud lakehouse architecture that delivers data warehouse performance at data lake economics — with up to 12x better price/performance than traditional cloud data warehouses. Now data analysts and scientists can work with the freshest and most complete data and quickly derive new insights for accurate decision making.

Azure | Databricks Gaming Dev Day: Driving More Impactful Game Data and AI Outcomes

Partner Event


This workshop will dig into the game development lifecycle and show how to supercharge your data + AI strategy at each stage of development. Hear from Azure and Databricks gaming specialists, who will showcase pre-built Solution Accelerators for the most common data and AI use cases — including in-game personalization, behavioral segmentation, customer lifetime value, and survivorship/churn prediction.

Intro to Tableau and Databricks



Running a data lake and data warehouse to feed Tableau? There’s a better, more cost-effective way: use a data lakehouse. You’ll get better performance at a lower cost with less hassle. Find out how in this in-depth technical webinar. You’ll learn how to open up new Tableau use cases such as machine learning and streaming.

Unity Catalog – Unified Governance for Data Assets in your Lakehouse



Unity Catalog is a unified governance solution for data assets in your lakehouse deployed on any cloud. It is a single source of truth for data and access control across all Databricks Workspaces within your organisation. Databricks users can quickly find, understand and reference data from across your data estate, made simple by automated and granular data lineage. Join our webinar on September 29th, 10 am CEST to learn how your teams can centrally manage and govern all data assets.

Supercharge your data lakehouse with low-code Apache Spark and Delta Lake

Partner Event


With the ever-increasing quantities of data and the rise of unstructured data, data warehouses have become expensive and difficult to maintain. A data lakehouse architecture has emerged, which combines the best aspects of data lakes and data warehouses to provide a single solution for all data workloads.

Enabling your Business with Data (Hosted by Long View)

Partner Event


On September 29th, Databricks' partner, Long View, will share how they help customers accelerate their journey into the modern data platform and receive returns for their organization. They will show you how to take advantage of modern Azure Cloud services and tools, as well as how to utilize data across the organization for better cost certainty.

Slalom AI For All Momentum Tour – Toronto

Partner Event

Toronto, Canada

Join us for an in-person event where you’ll learn how to harness the momentum of AI responsibly, from education and enablement, to experimentation and learning, to building and scaling. You'll walk away with tangible steps to get your organization from now to next on the AI maturity curve, plus the opportunity to network with AI experts and business leaders in Toronto.

Cloud World Tour – Azure Databricks Lakehouse Labs – Sao Paulo

Partner Event

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Join Databricks and Microsoft in Sao Paulo to learn how to leverage best practices for implementing a complete data analytics, data engineering and data science lifecycle on the lakehouse with Azure Databricks.

Fivetran Modern Data Stack Roadshow Sponsorship – Houston

Partner Event

Houston, TX

Don't miss the #mdsroadshow in Houston where you'll hear from local experts on how to leverage the #moderndatastack to tackle next-gen tasks in public administration, IT, retailing and more.