Unlock the potential of your data

Learn how Apache Spark™ and Delta Lake unify all your data — big data and business data — on one platform for BI and ML.

Apache Spark 3.x is a monumental shift in ease of use, higher performance and smarter unification of APIs across Spark components. And for the data being processed, Delta Lake brings data reliability and performance to data lakes, with capabilities like ACID transactions, schema enforcement, DML commands and time travel.

In this eBook, we offer a step-by-step guide to technical content and related assets that will lead you to learn Apache Spark and Delta Lake. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already an accomplished developer, explore the benefits of these open source projects.

Here are the 8 steps we’ll cover:

  1. Apache Spark と Delta Lake を選ぶ理由
  2. Apache Spark concepts, key terms and keywords
  3. 高度な Apache Spark の内部構造とコア
  4. DataFrames, data sets and Spark SQL essentials
  5. GraphFrames によるグラフ処理
  6. 構造化ストリーミングによる継続的アプリケーション
  7. 人間のための機械学習
  8. Reliable data lakes and data pipelines

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