Data analytics and AI for state and local governments

Building stronger and more sustainable communities with data and machine learning

State and local government agencies are focused on modernizing their data analytics capabilities to better serve and protect their communities.

Databricks empowers local agencies to unlock the full potential of their data to improve decision-making, streamline processes and predict future outcomes.

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Using AI to protect the water supply for 700,000 residents



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Why Databricks for state and local government

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Modernize your data analytics

Leverage the scale of the cloud and democratize secure access to data to enable downstream BI and AI use cases.

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Deliver on critical initiatives effectively and efficiently

Uncover actionable insights in real-time and make informed decisions to better serve and protect communities.



Create better experiences for communities

Bring disparate data sources together and automate processes to accelerate the improvement and delivery of citizen-facing services.

How Databricks fuels innovation for state and local agencies

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Health and Human Services

Enhance disease surveillance and the delivery and quality of health and human services to communities.
Pandemic outbreak prediction and resource management
Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) analytics
Disease surveillance for outbreak prediction and resource deployment
Insurance claims patient and provider utilization

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Law Enforcement

Empower criminal justice departments with all data sources and CJIS-compliant predictive analytics to mitigate criminal activities.
Fleet maintenance and logistics
Predicting high-crime areas
Predictive models for courts and incarceration management
Video and social media surveillance analytics

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Proactively detect anomalies with machine learning to mitigate risk and prevent fraudulent activity.
Tax and revenue forecasting
Tax fraud and collection
Process and operations management
Grants management

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Public Authority/Utilities

Leverage data analytics to transform local infrastructure, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.
Predictive maintenance
Customer 360
Sentiment analysis
Fraud prevention

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Plan for efficient delivery of resources and a sustainable energy grid with data analytics.
Security of energy infrastructure
Smarter energy management
Energy exploration
Electrical grid reliability

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Streamline logistics through analytics to improve traffic flow and predict maintenance issues for public transportation systems.
Airport logistics
Highway planning
Road traffic optimization
Predictive maintenance