Databricks for Advertising and Marketing

Drive intelligent client outcomes and better manage margins with data analytics and AI

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Découvrez Data Lakehouse : le meilleur des deux mondes sur une seule plateforme

Un data lakehouse combine le meilleur des data warehouses et des data lakes en une plateforme simple et unique afin de traiter tous vos cas d'usage de données, d'analytique et d'IA. Il s'appuie sur une base de données ouverte et fiable qui traite efficacement tous types de données et applique une approche commune de gouvernance et de sécurité à l'ensemble de vos données et plateformes cloud.

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Why Databricks for Advertising and Marketing Technologies?

Optimize the entire lifecycle of a campaign

With Lakehouse, teams can more effectively understand audience segments for targeting, optimize inventory in real time and track the full lifecycle of an ad.

Drive stronger business outcomes through collaboration

Databricks’ collaborative workspace means teams can innovate and deploy data and AI solutions faster.

Unlock real-time insights

With optimized streaming ingest, pre-built offerings with top solution providers, and real-time model serving with MLflow, accelerate consumer and advertiser outcomes for your business.

Rapidly innovate on predictive use cases

Databricks has a collaborative notebook environment with managed runtime for machine learning models, as well as Solution Accelerators for common use cases including audience segmentation, multitouch attribution, real-time bidding and more.

Databricks for Advertising and Marketing Use Cases

Use Databricks in pre-production to accelerate your development and create a tighter game loop. Then leverage the 360-degree view of your players to drive more effective engagement and monetization over time.

Agency and ad tech operations

Helping companies manage margin on work and add data-focused rigor to their operations
  • Client profitability
  • Margin analysis
  • Sales forecasting
  • Talent retention
  • Predictive resource utilization

Performance des médias

Track campaign efficacy and channel performance, and leverage recommendations to remediate underperformance
  • Planning and media mix modeling
  • Multitouch attribution
  • Campaign performance and optimization
  • Taxonomy recommendation

Optimisation créative

Understand what creative is resonating during campaign execution and streamline work for creative teams
  • A/B testing
  • Content performance
  • SEO performance
  • Creative workflow optimization

Transforming Advertising and Marketing With Lakehouse

“Databricks is really an important part of our AI strategy. As we continue to digitize our business, and explore opportunities and challenges through AI and machine learning, we will continue to activate Databricks throughout the rest of the business.”

— Mainak Mazumdar, Chief Research Officer at Nielsen

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Databricks for advertising and marketing in action

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