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Responsible Gaming

Pre-built code, sample data and step-by-step instructions ready to go in a Databricks notebook

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

The need and importance of responsible gaming initiatives are growing as new regulation, enhanced gameplay experience, and general expansion take place in the betting and gaming industry. At the same time, delivering the right intervention to the right person at the right time is incredibly complex. In this Solution Accelerator, Databricks has partnered with AWS to help teams learn how to identify and predict high-risk behaviors to keep your customers safe from harm.

  • Automatically detect high-risk behaviors among your customers
  • Easily integrate with existing responsible gaming systems and processes
  • Boost efficiency among your response gaming team
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See how Fanatics Betting & Gaming turned to AWS and Databricks to create an industry-changing, machine learning Solution that proactively identifies problematic gaming behaviors and better protects their at-risk customers.

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