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Databricks Support Policy

Databricks provides a number of plans that provide you with dedicated support
and timely service for the Databricks platform and Apache Spark™

Mission Critical
Multicloud Support

Support for Databricks on permitted Cloud Service Providers and Databricks-powered services; complimentary Success Credits available based on commitment size

Single-Cloud Support

Support for platform services on a single-chosen Cloud Service Provider

Support Portal Access

Online repository of documentation, guides, best practices and more

Updates and Patches

Receive updates, bug fixes and patches without impact to your business

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Receive support responses according to issue severity

Initial Response Time

Mission Critical Severity

A mission-critical production system is down or severely impacted such that routine operation is impossible

Within 15 minutes

Standard Support Severity 1

Production system is down or severely impacted such that routine operation is impossible

Within 1
business day

Within 4 hours

Within 1 hour

Within 1 hour

Standard Support Severity 2

Production issue where the system is functioning but in degraded or restricted capacity

1 business day

Within 4 hours

Within 2 hours

Standard Support Severity 3

Issue where minor functionality is impacted or a development issue occurs

Within 1
business day

Within 4 hours

Standard Support Severity 4

Request for information or feature request with no impact on business operations

Within 1
business day

Support Service Hours

Live support during customer's choice of time zone

9 AM–6 PM,
business days

9 AM–6 PM,
business days

Severity 1 and 2: 24x7x365

Severity 3 and 4: 9 AM–6 PM, business days

Mission Critical, Severity 1 and 2: 24x7x365

Severity 3 and 4: 9 AM - 6 PM business days

Databricks Standard Support

Limited to break-fix support for the Databricks platform

Databricks Chat Support Channel

Per customer dedicated real-time messaging (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams) channel available during business hours for informal communication between the two teams, such as basic questions and information exchange

Max Number of Technical Contacts

The number of technical contacts with access to the Databricks Help Center or Chat Support channel (if available)





Databricks Support for Spark

Prioritized access to the world's leading Spark technical experts for troubleshooting problems using the product and services

Up to 2

Up to 4

Up to 8

Up to 8

Additional Benefits — Mission Critical
Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of workspace-level health metrics by the Databricks Support Operations team

Escalation Management

Direct access to Databricks Escalation Managers for cases with mission critical severity

Support Services for Multi-Cloud Training (MCT, formerly MosaicML) Platform Services

  • Supported Customers who subscribe to Business or Enhanced tier Support Services for MCT Platform Services will receive Production-level SLA benefits during scheduled Hero Reservations.
  • Unsupported Customers who schedule Hero Reservations must purchase standalone Hero Reservation Support for the period of their Hero Reservation. Customers with standalone Hero Reservations support will receive Production-level SLA benefits during the period of their Hero Reservation with the following differences:
Spark Support


Max Number of Technical Contacts


Definitions and Terms

  • Support business hours are from Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM (North America time zones (EST/CST/PST/MST), Central Europe (CET), Singapore/China (SGT/CST) and Australia Eastern (AET) Timezone). Support business hours exclude local holidays in each timezone.
  • Chat Support channel is not covered under the Support SLA response times.
  • Contact means a unique named user at customer (whether by email address, chat ID); accounts may not be shared.
  • For reported mission critical severity issues, Databricks will assign an Escalation Manager to monitor and oversee case resolution and provide updates to the customer on a 15-minute recurring basis.
  • Additional assistance beyond what is included in a support plan can be purchased as Advisory Services which will be delivered by our Professional Services team.
  • If no support is specified in an order, the customer’s support is limited to public documentation and open resources on the Databricks Help Center.
  • View the resources available through our Customer Support Handbook for more information on support definitions, processes and terms.

To optimize your Databricks Support experience, we recommend our Designated Support Engineer (DSE) offering, which complements annual platform Support subscriptions by providing you with ongoing access to a Databricks Support expert for a flexible range of support-related activities. Visit for details and terms applicable to Designated Support Engineer subscription(s).