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Become an expert and drive outcomes

Build a strong lakehouse foundation with Databricks training and certification to demonstrate your competence and accelerate your career.

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Partner technical enablement

As a Databricks partner, you receive complimentary access to Databricks’ Training Program.

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Become a lakehouse expert

Acquire a foundational knowledge of data, analytics and AI to increase your productivity and drive more impactful results


Demonstrate your competence

Build your credibility and reputation by earning certifications across areas from data analysis to data engineering and machine learning


Elevate your career

Accelerate your career opportunities by being at the leading edge of technology innovation


Lakehouse Fundamentals

The Lakehouse architecture is quickly becoming the new industry standard for data, analytics, and AI. Get up to speed on Lakehouse by taking this free on-demand training — then earn a badge you can share on your LinkedIn profile or résumé.

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Role-based learning paths

We provide custom-fit learning paths for multiple roles and career paths. These paths include self-paced coursesinstructor-led training and certifications or accreditations, where appropriate.

Pre-purchased service credits (success credits and/or learning subscriptions) can be used toward instructor-led training by submitting a request through our Public Training Request Form.

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Certification exams assess your knowledge of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform usage and the underlying methods required to successfully implement quality projects. Certification helps you gain industry recognition, competitive differentiation, greater productivity and results, and a tangible measure of your educational investment.

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By the numbers

  • 95% indicated that Databricks certifications helped them solve greater challenges in their role
  • 93% indicated that Databricks certifications helped them drive greater efficiency in their current role
  • 88% indicated that Databricks certifications helped them drive greater cost savings in their current role

Apache Spark™ Programming With Databricks

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This course uses a case study driven approach to explore the fundamentals of Spark Programming with Databricks, including Spark architecture, the DataFrame API, query optimization, Structured Streaming, and Delta.

Data Analysis With Databricks SQL

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Data Engineering With Databricks

Upcoming public classes

Deep Learning With Databricks

Upcoming public classes

Introduction to Python for Data Science & Data Engineering

Upcoming public classes

Machine Learning in Production

Upcoming public classes

Optimizing Apache Spark™ on Databricks

Upcoming public classes

Scalable Machine Learning With Apache Spark™

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Foundational and onboarding events


Get Started With Data Engineering on Databricks

Upcoming onboarding trainings

Eligibility: Prospective and existing customers, and partners

Learning objectives:

  • - Introduction to Databricks Lakehouse
  • - Basic workspace functionality
  • - Databricks Repos

Get Started With Data Analysis on Databricks

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Get Started With Platform Administration on Databricks

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Get Started With Machine Learning on Databricks

Upcoming onboarding trainings

If you have any questions, please refer to the training FAQ.

If you need assistance with our training offerings, please file a training support ticket.