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Databricks IDE Integrations

Build on the Lakehouse in your favorite IDE


Databricks is building a complete development experience for developers and teams who prefer IDEs, and have existing software engineering workflows. Our official IDE integrations bring all of the core capabilities of Databricks into your IDE, including securely connecting to workspaces, clusters and data. They are uniquely designed for IDE workflows, with support for your favorite editor features, full access to Git tools, local unit testing, and debugging of code running in your cluster.

Databricks IDE

The full power of Databricks, in your IDE

Get the capabilities of the Databricks Lakehouse in your IDE. You can build your data and AI apps with the performance of Databricks. Connect to your workspaces to collaborate with your team. Run on clusters to get access to scale for large data applications. And access all your data in the lakehouse from the comfort of your IDE.


Use unique IDE capabilities

The Databricks integrations are built to take advantage of the capabilities of IDEs such as source control, unit testing and debugging. You can do all your familiar work in your IDE like refactoring, code navigation, code assistants and more while iterating rapidly with local unit testing.

A fully supported IDE experience

Databricks will continue to invest to improve and update these integrations. You get the full support of Databricks for these official integrations so you can ensure your investment is safe and secure. Set up quickly and get started with Databricks in your IDE.

Get Started

Want to start developing in VS Code yourself? You can download the extension directly from the VS Code Marketplace.

Follow our setup documentation [AWS, Azure, and GCP] for step-by-step instructions to fulfill workspace requirements, install the extension and configure your profile. We walk you through how to connect to your Databricks workspace and provide some test code to run a file on a cluster from your IDE. Then you are all set to start developing from VS Code.

Ready to get started?