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Why Databricks for Executives

Generation AI is here — are you ready?


Every company is now a data and AI company. Your ability to realize this vision will determine your success against your competition. The potential to drive top-line innovation and cost-saving efficiencies is immense, but it requires simplifying complex data silos, applying AI effectively at scale and enhancing data governance and security.

Databricks, the inventor of the lakehouse paradigm and the pioneer in generative AI, empowers your organization to fulfill the potential of your data. Our Data Intelligence Platform unifies data, AI and governance so you can scale the use of data across your organization and power the creation of new data products, including generative AI applications. Join over 10,000 global organizations that are already solving their toughest data challenges with Databricks.

How can Databricks help?


Get better answers from your data

Consolidate data, AI and governance silos with a unified platform, democratize data and allow everyone to get valuable insights rapidly.


Deliver generative AI

Easily combine generative AI models with your unique data to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Optimize costs and improve ROI

The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform helps customers realize an average ROI of 482% with a payback period of as few as 4 months.

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Minimize governance and security risks

Apply consistent policies across all your data and workloads with fine-grained insight into data lineage so that you know where data came from, where it’s going and how it’s being used, from BI to AI.

Why executives choose Databricks

“We are excited about adopting Databricks' new Data Intelligence Platform to quickly and easily put Gen AI into use on our proprietary data. The simplification of using natural language when querying data stored in the lakehouse is a game changer and will be very useful in democratizing valuable business insights for our health system."


— Jawad Khan, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Tufts Medicine

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Migrate to Databricks

Are you struggling with data silos? Concerned about the growing challenges of data privacy and governance being exacerbated by AI? Worried that there isn’t enough technical talent who can make sense of these systems? The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform allows you to truly democratize data and AI at scale.

Migrate to Databricks


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