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Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Deliver better patient outcomes with the power of data and AI

healthcare and life sciences

Four data challenges in healthcare and life sciences


Fragmented patient data

Data silos and limited support for unstructured data prevent organizations from understanding the patient journey.

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Rapidly growing health data

Legacy on-premise data architectures are complex to manage and costly to scale for today’s massive volumes of healthcare data, including growth in imaging and genomics.


Real-time care and operations

Data warehouses and disjointed tools impede the delivery of real-time insights needed for critical care decisions and the safe production and delivery of important therapeutics.

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Complex advanced health analytics

Lightweight ML capabilities are preventing organizations from tackling everything from next-gen patient care models to predictive analytics for drug R&D.

Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences

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Unified data and AI platform

A single platform that brings together all your data and analytics workloads to enable transformative innovations in patient care and drug R&D.

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Partner solutions

The world’s leading healthcare and life sciences solution providers such as Deloitte, Accenture, and ZS Associates are building for the lakehouse. Take advantage of pre-built offerings that accelerate data-driven transformation in drug R&D and patient care.


Tools to accelerate

Databricks and our partners have built a suite of Solution Accelerators that make it easy to ingest healthcare data, such as HL7 messages, and deliver on use cases like medical text analytics and drug safety monitoring.


Industry collaboration

Enable secure and open data sharing and collaboration with organizations across the health ecosystem to accelerate life-saving research and improve how you deliver care.

Delivering the future of care with Lakehouse


“The Databricks Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences provides GE Healthcare with a modern, open and collaborative platform to build patient views across care pathways. With these capabilities, we’ve diminished costly legacy data silos and equipped our teams with timely and accurate insights.”

— Joji George, Chief Technology Officer, LCS Digital, GE Healthcare

Why Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences?

Accelerate research and improve patient outcomes on an open, collaborative platform for data and AI

360° view of the patient

Bring together all your structured and unstructured data — patient, R&D and operations — on a single platform for analytics and AI. With a holistic view of the patient journey, organizations can deliver more personalized treatments.

Infinite scale for population-level studies

Quickly and reliably analyze data for millions of patients with a scalable platform in the cloud. With population-scale insights, organizations gain a more complete view of health trends and in turn can develop better therapeutics.

Real-time analytics, real-time operations

Rapidly ingest and process streaming data from anywhere to power real-time analytics, with applications ranging from managing hospital bed capacity to optimizing the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

ML-powered drug discovery and patient care

Unlock the power of machine learning to better understand diseases and predict health needs. All your data is seamlessly connected with a full suite of collaborative tools for advanced analytics.

Partners and solutions

Get started with a variety of data and analytics solutions and templates specific to healthcare and life sciences

Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences in action


Improving Health Outcomes With Data and AI

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