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Data Sharing

Open data sharing for data, analytics and AI

Data Sharing with Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Databricks and the Linux Foundation developed Delta Sharing to provide the first open source approach to data sharing across data, analytics and AI. Customers can share live data across platforms, clouds and regions with strong security and governance.

Key benefits

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Open cross-platform sharing

Avoid vendor lock-in, and easily share existing data in Delta Lake and Apache Parquet formats to any data platform.

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Share live data with no replication

Share live data across data platforms, clouds or regions without replicating or copying it to another system.

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Centralized governance

Centrally manage, govern, audit and track usage of the shared data on one platform.

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Marketplace for data products

Build and package data products, including data sets, ML models and notebooks once and distribute anywhere through a central marketplace.

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Privacy-safe data clean rooms

Easily collaborate with your customers and partners on any cloud via a secure hosted environment while safeguarding data privacy.

How it works

Native Integration

Native integration with the Databricks platform

Delta Sharing has native integration with Unity Catalog, which allows you to centrally manage and audit shared data across organizations. This lets you confidently share data assets with suppliers and partners for better coordination of your business while meeting security and compliance needs.

Delta Sharing

Easily manage shares

Create and manage providers, recipients, and shares with a simple-to-use UI, SQL commands or REST APIs with full CLI and Terraform support

Delta Sharing

Discover and access data products through an open marketplace

Databricks Marketplace allows you to easily discover, evaluate and gain access to data products including data sets, machine learning models, dashboards and notebooks from anywhere, without the need to be on the Databricks platform.

Delta Sharing

Privacy-safe data clean rooms

Collaborate with your customers and partners on any cloud in a privacy-safe environment with Databricks Clean Rooms. Securely share data from your data lakes without data replication. Meet collaborators on their preferred cloud and provide them the flexibility to run complex computations and workloads in any language — SQL, R, Scala, Java and Python. Guide collaborators through common use cases using predefined templates, notebooks and dashboards, accelerating time to insights.

Use cases


Build Data Mesh with Delta Sharing to securely share data with business units and subsidiaries across clouds or regions without copying or replicating the data.



“We recognize that openness of data will play a key role in achieving Shell’s carbon net-zero ambitions. Delta Sharing provides Shell with a standard, controlled and secure protocol for sharing vast amounts of data easily with our partners to work toward these goals without requiring our partners to be on the same data-sharing platform.”

— Bryce Bartmann, Chief Digital Technology Advisor


“Delta Sharing helped us streamline our data delivery process for large data sets. This enables our clients to bring their own compute environment to read fresh curated data with little-to-no integration work, and enables us to continue expanding our catalog of unique, high-quality data products.”

— William Dague, Head of Alternative Data


“Databricks Marketplace simplifies the process of discovering and evaluating external data with pre-built notebooks, without locking us into a single vendor or prolonging procurement cycles. With just a few clicks, we can access the data within our Databricks workspaces. We also look forward to leveraging the notebooks, dashboards and ML models through the Databricks Marketplace to enhance our analytics and AI initiatives.”

— Greg Rokita, AVP Technology


“As a data company, giving our customers access to our data sets is critical. The Databricks Lakehouse Platform with Delta Sharing really streamlines that process, allowing us to securely reach a much broader user base regardless of cloud or platform.”

— Felix Cheung, VP of Engineering


“Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Delta Sharing from Databricks enables Pumpjack Dataworks to have a faster onboarding experience, removing the need for exporting, importing and remodeling of data, which brings immediate value to our clients. Faster results yield greater commercial opportunity for our clients and their partners.”

— Corey Zwart, Head of Engineering


“With Delta Sharing, our clients can access curated data sets nearly instantly and integrate them with analytics tools of their choice. The dialogue with our clients shifts from a low-value, technical back-and-forth on ingestion to a high-value analytical discussion where we drive successful client experiences. As our client relationships evolve, we can seamlessly deliver new data sets and refresh existing ones through Delta Sharing to keep clients appraised of key trends in their industries.”

— Anup Segu, Data Engineering Tech Lead

An open ecosystem

Access the latest published version directly from the provider in easy-to-use SQL, Python or BI tools.

an open ecosystem

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