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Databricks Clean Rooms

Privacy-safe collaboration for data, analytics and AI


Databricks Clean Rooms allow businesses to easily collaborate in a secure environment with their customers and partners on any cloud in a privacy-safe way.

Key benefits

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Flexible — your language and workload of choice

Run computations in any language — SQL, R, Scala, Java, Python — enabling both simple use cases such as joins and crosswalks as well as complex computations such as machine learning.


Scalable, multiparty collaboration

Easily scale to multiple participants and reduce time to insights with predefined templates for common clean room use cases.


Interoperable — any data source with no replication

With Delta Sharing, clean room collaborators can work together across clouds, across regions and even across data platforms — all without requiring data movement.

Use Cases


Category management for retail and consumer goods

Clean rooms enable real-time collaboration between retailers and suppliers, ensuring secure information exchange for demand forecasting, inventory planning and supply chain optimization. This improves product availability, reduces costs and streamlines operations for both parties.


Real-world evidence (RWE) for healthcare

Clean rooms provide secure access to sensitive healthcare data sets, allowing collaborators to connect and query multiple sources of data without comprising data privacy. This supports RWE use cases such as regulatory decisions, safety, clinical trial design and observational research.


Audience overlap exploration for media and entertainment

By creating a clean room environment, media companies can securely share their audience data with advertisers or other media partners. This allows them to perform in-depth analysis and identify shared audience segments without directly accessing or exposing individual user information.


Know Your Customer (KYC) in banking

KYC standards are designed to combat financial fraud, money laundering and terrorism financing. Clean rooms can be used within a given jurisdiction to allow financial services companies to collaborate and run shared analytics to build a holistic view of a transaction for investigations.


Personalization with expanded interests for retailers

Retailers want to target consumers based on past purchases, as well as other purchases with different retailers. Clean rooms enable retailers to augment their knowledge of consumers to suggest new products and services that are relevant to the individual but have not yet been purchased.


5G data monetization for telecom

5G data monetization enables telecoms to capitalize on data from 5G networks. Clean rooms provide a secure environment for collaboration with trusted partners, ensuring privacy while maximizing data value for optimized services, personalized experiences and targeted advertising.

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